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What’s been up?

March 20th, 2009

Well, we’ve bought an apartment. 57kvm (square meters?), with:

– A living room with room for TWO sofas, those who’ve visited us where we’ve lived so far will understand why that’s such a big deal.

– One HUGE bedroom, at least for our standards.

– Another bedroom that will be a library/fish/guest room.

– A separate toilet room, the toilet has a lid with cow spots -my mother, and Arne’s mother both think this was a sign, heh.

– A bathroom. Doesn’t look great, but it’s big enough, and nothing wrong with it.

– Dish washer. This should almost be the first point, since it’s kind of a big deal :D We could never buy a place now where we’d have to redo the kitchen to get place for a dish washer.

– Lots of closet space in the kitchen.

Moving in (and out from here) march 30th. *flails arms*. I’m really really exited and exhausted, and we haven’t started packing yet! But it will be good.

Also, april 8th, my best friend Tine is coming to visit :D (So we’ll have to have at least the guest room, living room and kitchen up and going by then :P ) I haven’t seen her since july. Shame on me.

So life is good.


Oh, and if anyone wants to buy us a laundry basket, trash cans, or shower (I know just the one I want), that would be greaaaat.
Then we can worry about the “bigger” stuff like a refrigerator and washing machine ;)

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