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Vacations are awesome

March 5th, 2009

So, we’ve been to Australia. Actually it’s over a month since we came home but I guess it takes time to get out of vacation mode after a trip like that. Since it’s been so long, and I’m lazy, I’ll give you our trip as a list and some pictures. (I can’t remember how to make a bullet point list. D-oh.)

– We went to visit my sister-in-law, Kristine, who’s been living in Caloundra for half a year now.

– My other sister-in-law, Ragnhild was there when we came and left earlier than us.

– My father-in-law traveled with us to Australia, and left again the same day as Ragnhild.

– Everyone is so polite there, I got quite used to that so when we came home to Norway and a man bumped into my back without saying “sorry”, I was taken by surprise.

– They sure love their air conditioning over there! Yes, it was nice ’cause EVERYWHERE was hot, but I got sick because of it. And then I got well again.

– Kangaroos everywhere :D And they’re fluffier than they look like in pictures.


– Koalas are even nicer.


Koala in action

– But the thing we saw most of was lizards. I got so sick of lizards that you’re not getting a pic of them.

– Cairns was very wet.

The Asylum, Bacpackers in Cairns

Behind the fence, on the left there, is a pool. You just can’t see it because EVERYWHERE WAS WET! (This is the place we stayed in Cairns, btw. The Asylum! Fitting.)

We left a day before we had planned, and that was good, because all the roads out got blocked and they got 250mm of rain the day after we left.

Kristine, your feet are wet!

– We still went diving and snorkling, though!

On the boat, still dry

Mmm, ocean water

– We went to Australia Zoo. That was so awesome. Loved the coffee there.

I'm so totally hip.

– We visited Brisbane. Nice enough city, but nothing special. Except for their botanical “garden”. That was really nice!

– We rented a car a weekend and had some day trips. In a random small city, that has it own cheese factory but we still can’t remember the name of it, we found an awesome playground.

Arne and his sisters had fun:


So did Leif Olav (Yes, this is really my father-in-law!)


I had fun as well but I didn’t look good on those pictures so you won’t get any. HAH!

– Kristine bought a kite

Onos! It crashos!

– Arne and I borrowed a car and drove around for 5 days after the others left.

We did lots of other stuff as well, but you’re getting so much pictures now that this post seems waaay to long already ;)

Also, if it looks like I’m wearing the same shorts on all of these pictures, you’re right. This is just a coincidence. I did not wear the same pair of shorts for three weeks.

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