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…at least he was nice about it

December 5th, 2008

Because I certainly wasn’t.
I put on my stern look, the look I use when Emo kids are messing around in “my” store. Not that I have anything against emos in general. But when some of them are causing ruckus in my general vicinity, I put all of them in the same stable and call them horses.
Dang emos.

Anyway, about this guy I was giving the stern retail worker look to:
He was standing in my kitchen. At 9 AM. A bit confused, this fellow, as he apparently had enough brainpower to understand that this place, my kitchen, was not Rosenborg flat bread bakery.
Bravo, I said. No, I didn’t. He started the conversation by saying “I was going to rosenborg flat bread bakery”. “that’s not here”, I replied, and waved my hand in the direction of our neighbours, rosenborg flat bread bakery.

“The place with the signs on their window” I continued, as it seemed like the small hint of GET OUT in my voice didn’t quite get through.

“but they have two entrances”, he tried. Now my look changed to the I-can’t-believe-how-stupid-you-are-look as I said “that’s right… it’s still not here.”

He said sorry, and I almost forgave him. But then I changed my mind and just waved him out.

As Rene Engström (maker of Anders Loves Maria (some NSFW drawings)) would say: bläääh.

What makes people think that the place with no signs anywhere, two peoples name on the mailbox and the doorbell is a flat bread bakery? Especially when our neighbour, the flat bread bakery, has a huge window and two doors marked with just these words…

What made me so angry wasn’t just this guys stupidity though, it was the fact that this is the second time someone has done that. The first time it happened it was 8:30 AM and some guy was looking for the dry cleaner… (he was even more wrong than the second guy!) That time I just got so befuddled that I didn’t know what to say so I played the meek, nice little girl who showed him the right way to go. And that guy didn’t even say sorry!


Anyway, music! Husband was “pimping” some music to a friend yesterday, and just wanted to mention a band out in the great interspacewebthingy: The Ocean Collective. Post metal with really hard parts, and wonderful mellower parts. Precambrian is a concept album about, well, the pre-Cambrian days or something deep like that :P It’s totally way up on the awesome-scale! Look for the ocean on wikipedia and then go buy something of them!

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