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Moving and good timings.

March 26th, 2009

So, we’re moving Monday. Have to be out from here before Wednesday, since new people are moving in here then.

Everything must be out from here, and everything must have been cleaned/scrubbed/disinfected by wednesday morning. No problem, right? I even started packing on Sunday.

Yeah, about that… My back didn’t like that. Sudden pain, doctor’s appointment the very next day, sick leave and inflammation pills. What great timing!

So now I’m bored half to death. I’m usually good at sitting around doing nothing all day, but it’s not that fun when I have to. Also I’m freaking out looking at all the stuff that has to be packed and thinking about how we’re going to get everything moved and washed when I can’t carry stuff (well, maybe I can carry pillows) and I definitely can’t scrub any floors. Bah.

But still, I feel that it’s going to work out… Weird, but everything else around this moving has worked out very well.

So I guess there’s nothing I should worry about, and nothing I should do except making some more coffee and figure out what I’m going to listen to next.

And tomorrow maybe I can manage to go all the way down town without my back being a mess the rest of the day? That would be a great step ahead.

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