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November 3rd, 2008

So, here I am, so suddenly, on the other side of the what? Hmm. Well, as you can see I’ve moved my blog. A bit lighter over here, dontyathink? Good, good. Sorry not all the boxes are thrown away and such. Not quiiite done yet, I think?

No posts lost in the move. Fancy logothingy on the top right here. (Try scrolling a bit down the page ;) )

The logo is btw my tattoo. Idea’d by me, made by husband Arne. (Well, made by Dan at Tattoo World, but you know what I mean.

The blog look was made kind of the same way. Ideas by me, Arne makes it happen.

Please, if you have a question I could put in my faq, do tell!

I need some sleep now. Moving is hard work!


Ps. Kind of scared of pressing “publish” right now. What if this first new post in the new place messes it up? Kind of like when you turn on the light in the bathroom and the electricity disappears for 5 minutes?

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