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Halloween and other things.

October 31st, 2008

Today is Halloween apparently, and an epic day at work. As the chain I work at specializes in having “everything” you need for <insert any holiday/season/happening> at a reasonable prize, (that don’t mean we have easter stuff year round, but you understand, right?) we’ve had a lot of halloween candy and costumes and accessories and lights and just STUFF in our store the last weeks. And a LOT of customers. Halloween seems to grow more and more popular in Norway. We CRUSHED last years halloween numbers this week.

So yeah, epic day today… I gasped when I counted the tills tonight and summed up the numbers. Not just thinking “wow, that was a lot”, but literally gasping loudly when the numbers showed up :P

Can’t wait to see the statistics for today, tomorrow.

This should mean that I’m also epically exhausted, but I’m not… It’s just been a really good day. Everyone in a good mood and the hours flew by :D And I got to wear some silly headwear at work :P

I said I was going to write about others things as well, didn’t I? Hm. Well, husband has told about our scary door over at his blag, much better than I can write it. So go read it there.

Now for food, and then candy and a movie.

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  1. Langemyhr Says:

    I don’t like Halloween, it’s such a commercial thingy =( And just an excuse to act like a fool =P

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