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Lesson of the day:

October 28th, 2008

Do NOT listen to heart-wrecking music on the way to work.

I put on Pain of Salvation’s BE on my iPhone yesterday. Pluvius Aestivus (of summer rain) was perfect for walking home in the rain after closing up the shop.

Today, I continued with BE.

And Vocari Dei (Mess Age) came on.


For those not in the know, Vocari Dei came to be when the band encouraged their fans to call in to an answering machine and leave a message. More specifically, God’s answering machine.

Then they took some of those messages, put music to it, and put it on their album.

I know this song makes me all emotional, and still I didn’t skip it. Bad idea! Just as the song ended, I was right outside the mall where my store is, and I didn’t have the time to put on a cheerful song before going in to work.

Sorry, Pain of Salvation, I love your music, but I’ll think twice about listening to it on a rainy, windy day on my way to work again ;)

Vocari Dei on youtube. Taken from their live dvd.

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