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New room!

November 11th, 2008

Yup, the room behind the scary door is now ours!

We moved the book shelves from the living room in there, and are going to buy something to sit in to put there, and we finally have enough room for a freezer, so we’re buying that too! (We have only an itty bitty freezer on top of the fridge -it’ll be so nice to have room to buy both pizzaz AND chicken ;) )

Also, the fish is going to live in there instead of our bedroom.

In lieu of a sofa/something/whatever to sit in there, we put our extra mattress on the floor and covered it with all the pillows we haven’t had room for before now, (quite a few, actually!) and four blankets. It’s quite nice!

Our tiny living room feels much bigger, and now I don’t have book shelves blocking my view of the projection from the projector :P

I think husband is satisfied as well.

…some day I’m putting up a “links”-page here. But not today. Today we watch LOTR!

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  1. GodaGraciousGift Says:


    im happy you got another room! must be very very exciting!! ^__^

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