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I LOVE disaster movies!

December 17th, 2009

The way they just narrowly escape from fire/earth quakes/squishing/crashing/drowning/heartbreak/you get the gist. At least 5 instances of this should be present in a disaster movie.

The way the main characters start kissing when one of them really should GO GO GO YOU HAVE ONLY SECONDS IDIOT THIS IS NOT A ROMANTIC COMEDY YOU’RE THEIR ONLY HOPE STOP BEING ICKY! ARRRRRGH.

The way a really bad person does something really redeeming…and then dies.

The way science is a big part of the movie but still very very wrong (mutating neutrinos, wooo)!

The way only the men are counted in when someone says “hey guys, you should really look at this”. The women are left caring for their children/hair/boobs or something. When ALL of them Really should “look at this”.

The way the crazy guy really was right all the time. AND he has a plan. That plan isn’t escaping or living, but it is a plan.

The way BIG STUFF crashes down, cities just disappear in the ground, the white house is taken by a flood… It’s beautiful!

The way a car (i.e a voice driven Bentley) can withstand so much more crashing/catastrophes than an air plane, if just the right people are in the car.

It’s heart warming, really.

Yes, I’ve just been at the movies to see 2012. I’m sorry if you feel this post should have a spoiler warning, but come on…it’s a disaster movie, it’s pretty predictable!

In the words of Devin Townsend: It’s just entertainment, folks!

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